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Warts & Warts Removal

If you’re struggling to get rid of troublesome warts, the board-certified dermatologists at Brentwood Dermatology are here to help. As experienced physicians, we understand how irritating and often embarrassing warts can be. Fortunately, several effective wart treatments and wart removal techniques are available today to help people achieve clear, smooth skin. 

Learn more about warts and wart removal by reading our short guide below. And if you have any additional questions or would like more information on how we remove warts, please contact us.


What is a Wart?

Warts are benign (noncancerous) skin growths that form due to extra cell growth in the top layer of skin. This additional cell growth is triggered by a virus that infects the epidermis (top layer of skin), which usually enters through a small cut or scratch. 

Warts can show up anywhere on the body and are most common in children and young adults. While warts are typically not harmful and pose no risk to someone’s health, they are often embarrassing and may impact one’s self-esteem. This is why many patients seek out wart removal options to restore their skin’s clear, smooth appearance.


Wart FAQs

There are several different types of warts caused by the same virus: the human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus has over 150 known strains, which is why you’ll find several different types of warts – far too many to list here! 

However, there are a few common types of warts you’re more likely to come across. This includes: 

  • Common Warts
  • Plantar Warts
  • Flat Warts 
  • Filiform Warts
  • Genital Warts 

If you have an odd growth you think might be one of the warts above, visit a board-certified dermatologist for a professional skin evaluation and diagnosis.

Warts may look very different depending on the type. For instance, a common wart is typically a raised bump that may look similar to cauliflower, while plantar warts, which most often show up on the feet, are thicker and sometimes look like a small callous. 

Other signs and symptoms of warts include: 

  • Small, fleshy, grainy bumps
  • Flesh-colored, white, pink or tan
  • Rough to the touch
  • Sprinkled with black pinpoints (these are small, clotted blood vessels) 

If you have a benign growth that begins to change color or appearance, is painful or tender, spreads, or interferes with daily activities, visit a doctor for a professional evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Yes, warts are contagious. Or, more accurately, the virus that causes warts is contagious. It most commonly spreads through direct skin-to-skin contact, especially if the skin is broken or damaged. Additionally, it is possible to spread warts to other parts of your own body.

All warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus causes an infection of the skin, which triggers an overgrowth of cells that creates the wart.

Warts can show up on any part of the body. Though, the most common locations a wart forms are the hands, fingers, and feet.

Though many warts clear up on their own, there are some circumstances where wart removal is the next best option. For example, some warts may be more stubborn than others and fail to go away with OTC (over-the-counter) treatment, while others may interfere with daily activities. 

At Brentwood Dermatology, we use several different methods to remove warts. This includes: 

  • Cantharidin – Solution that causes a wart to blister from underneath. After about a week or two, the growth scabs over and falls off, revealing new skin underneath. 
  • Cryotherapy – Wart removal treatment that freezes it off.
  • Curettage and Electrosurgery– Scraping the wart off and burning the surrounding skin to ensure all affected cells are removed. 
  • Excision – Surgical removal of the wart.
  • Prescription Topical Medication – Cream or lotion that removes the wart layer by layer of skin. This wart removal method is often a last option dermatologists use when the wart is not responding to other treatments. 

To learn more about wart treatment at Brentwood Dermatology, get in touch with our clinic today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about wart removal near Brentwood, TN!


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