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Woman With Dry, Irritated Skin Consulting The Board-certified Dermatologists At Brentwood Dermatology For A Professional Diagnosis.

Is It Dry Skin… or Something More Serious, Like Eczema or Psoriasis?

Is it dry skin, or something more serious causing your discomfort, such as eczema or psoriasis? 

At Brentwood Dermatology, we often have people coming into our clinic with what they think is just everyday dry skin. However, it turns out that they actually have a chronic skin condition, like eczema or psoriasis, that’s better treated with prescription medication and a board-certified treatment plan. 

To learn more about how to tell the difference between dry skin and eczema or psoriasis, read our short guide below. And if you have any further questions, reach out to us online or by calling (615) 377-3448. 


How to Tell the Difference Between Dry Skin and Eczema or Psoriasis 

Is it Dry Skin? 

Dry skin is a common skin condition that shows up as dry, flaky patches, which may cause some irritation and discomfort. Dry skin can also feel tight or rough and may crack or bleed. 

In many cases, dry skin is triggered by an external element, such as soap, harsh weather, dehydration, or chemical irritants. These triggers are often easily identified and remedied with at-home solutions, like moisturizers and taking steps to avoid your triggers. 

Furthermore, dry skin tends to show up occasionally, whereas chronic skin conditions—like eczema or psoriasis—show symptoms on a consistent basis. This detail is key when identifying whether or not your dry skin is something more serious that requires a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis. 


What is Eczema? 

Eczema is very common, and often mistaken for everyday dry skin. However, while this chronic condition shows up as patches of dry, itchy skin, there are additional signs and symptoms to look out for. 

The most common symptoms of eczema include skin that is: 

  • Itchy and Dry
  • Sensitive
  • Red and Inflamed
  • Rough, Leathery
  • Scaly, Oozing or Crusting
  • Swollen

In many cases, eczema can be so severely itchy that it interferes with daily tasks, such as concentrating at work and sleeping at night. This is why it’s important to never ignore your symptoms; visit a board-certified dermatologist as soon as possible to find much-needed relief! 


What is Psoriasis? 

Similar to eczema, psoriasis can often show up as dry, itchy, flaky skin. This similarity can make it hard to distinguish between dry skin and psoriasis. However, unlike the former, psoriasis is a chronic skin condition caused by internal factors, rather than external triggers. 

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition where the body begins attacking healthy cells. This causes the formation of red, scaly, irritated patches of skin that characterize psoriasis.

Furthermore, psoriasis has a few distinct signs and symptoms to look out for, including: 

  • Dry, irritated skin with silvery scales 
  • Thickened patches of skin 
  • Thickened, pitted, or ridged nails and nail beds
  • Swollen or stiff joints 
  • Burning and soreness 

An incredibly important reason to get a professional psoriasis diagnosis is that this chronic condition can cause long-term health issues, including psoriatic arthritis, sleep problems, and mental health issues. 


Consult a Board-Certified Dermatologist at Brentwood Dermatology 

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “is it dry skin… or something more serious, like eczema or psoriasis?” Then it’s time to visit a board-certified dermatologist for a professional skin evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan. 

At Brentwood Dermatology, our providers are experts in distinguishing between dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis to help get to the bottom of your skin condition. Contact us today to schedule your dermatology appointment! 


Professional Dermatology Solutions in Brentwood, Tennessee 

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