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Woman Itching Her Psoriasis | How To Relieve Itching From Psoriasis | Brentwood Dermatology

How to Relieve Itching From Psoriasis for More Comfortable Skin

Did you know that itching is one of the most common psoriasis symptoms? It affects 80 to 90 percent of individuals who have this troublesome skin condition, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. 

For many with psoriasis, itching is often the most debilitating symptom. From sleeping and concentrating at work to even intimacy, itching from psoriasis can interfere in several different areas of life. 

If you’re ready to get back to living more comfortably, we’re sharing our dermatologists’ top tips on how to relieve itching from psoriasis.


Why Does Psoriasis Itch? 

Before we share our top tips on how to alleviate itching from psoriasis, let’s discuss what causes itching in the first place. In short, inflammation is what causes the severe itching. Since psoriasis stimulates the immune system, this can cause inflammation and lead to itching. 

Furthermore, psoriasis patches are often scaly, flaky, and red, which may also cause feelings of itchiness. This itching may prompt you to scratch, but we advise you to avoid that at all costs, as scratching can trigger additional inflammation and amplify your itch. 


How to Relieve Itching From Psoriasis 

Moisturize Frequently and Generously 

Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized is one of the most effective things you can do to stave off troublesome itchiness. Moisturizing reduces redness, softens scaly skin, and fosters optimal healing, all of which can help alleviate your itch. 

Our dermatologists’ top tip? Put your lotions and moisturizers in the fridge for a game-changing cooling effect. You can thank us later! 


Avoid Your Psoriasis Triggers

To reduce the frequency of your flare-ups and address disruptive itching head-on, we recommend avoiding your psoriasis triggers. These triggers may be different for everyone. For some, alcohol may induce a flare-up, while others find that hot weather is a trigger. 

If you’re unsure of your psoriasis triggers, we recommend visiting a board-certified dermatologist. 


Take Cool, Short Showers and Baths 

Hot, scalding water can irritate your skin and amplify itching from psoriasis. Instead, stick with cool, short showers that soothe the skin and calm any psoriasis patches you may have. Additionally, when bathing, try soaking in epsom salts or oatmeal to relieve the skin. 


Reduce Stress to Relieve Itching From Psoriasis 

For many with psoriasis, stress is often a trigger. We recommend participating in activities like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises to better manage stress and alleviate any itching. 


Turn to Effective Topicals 

Certain anti-itch creams, like calamine lotion, aloe vera, and topical steroids have been shown to help relieve itching from psoriasis. If you need topical recommendations, reach out to our board-certified dermatologists at Brentwood Dermatology. 


Get a Personalized Psoriasis Treatment Plan in Brentwood, TN

If you’re not experiencing any relief from psoriasis itching, we recommend finding a board-certified dermatologist in your area for a personalized psoriasis treatment plan. Your doctor can help you uncover your unique triggers, pinpoint the right topical treatments, and provide personalized lifestyle recommendations to alleviate any itching from psoriasis. 

If you’re in the Brentwood, Tennessee area, the board-certified dermatologists at Brentwood Dermatology are experts in helping individuals find relief from psoriasis itching. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for psoriasis treatment. 


Expert Dermatology Solutions at Brentwood Dermatology 

The trusted physicians at Brentwood Dermatology can assist you with all of your general, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology needs. If you would like to learn more about our personalized psoriasis treatment in Brentwood, TN, schedule an appointment, visit our website, or give us a call at (615) 377-3448.

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